Endorse John Blom for Vancouver

Organizational Endorsements

  • IAFF Local 452 (Firefighters Union)
    IAFF Local 452 (Firefighters Union)
  • IBEW 48
    IBEW 48
  • Local 335 Southwest Washington Laborers
    Local 335 Southwest Washington Laborers
  • The Columbian Newspaper
    The Columbian Newspaper


  • John has some really great ideas, would love to see him on the council!
    Michael McCann
  • John is both practical and caring. I would trust him to set funding priorities, as he has exercised courage in budgeting on the county level.
    Marlene Adams
  • As a long time residents of Clark County we have been been fortunate to have John serve the citizens of our county wide community. John is THE person needed to bring experience and his level headed approach and leadership to the City of Vancouver.
    Greg and Jae Weber
  • I first met John while volunteering for the County on the Parks Advisory Board. As a County Councillor, he reached out to work with me on several park issues. I was impressed by his willingness to work with volunteers and listen to our insight and thoughts about parks. He knows how to listen to different viewpoints and make decisions based on facts, not politics. He's thoughtful, kind and really cares about this community. He would make an excellent addition to the Vancouver City Council.
    Kelsey Potter
  • I am very impressed with John’s thinking, and his approach to solving different problems.
  • John Blom is a uniter who understands the importance of collaboration and compromise to protect a healthy, effective government. Voters like me, who are sick of the anger, polarization, and hyper-partisanship that plague today’s politics, should consider supporting John. He is the best candidate for this important job.
    Michele Wollert
  • John is a good listener, solid thinker, and has proven to make sound and thoughtful decisions. He has my full support.
    Charlie Kleier
  • While a Clark County Councilor, John strongly supported a quality, well-balanced transportation system. He also supported our work on the Commission on Aging. Vancouver's citizens will be well-represented by electing John to City Council.
    Chuck Green
  • I worked side by side with John during his time as a county councilor. He is a strong, independent thinker, yet always open to listen and compromise to get the job done. He will do just as well on the city council, I’m sure.
    Bob Stevens
  • I fully endorse John Blom for city council.
    Pamela Saunders
  • John will add a nice balance to the Vancouver city council. He is a moderate, lives on the east side of Vancouver, and can reach a segment of the community that the current council has a harder time reaching. Electing John will increase the effectiveness of our council.
    Jack Burkman
  • John Blom will be an excellent addition to the Council. Very happy to offer my endorsement.
    Jennifer McDaniel
  • John is extremely knowledgeable and highly ethical. During my years as budget director for the county, I had the pleasure to work with John on budget and financial matters. He was always prepared and had innovative ideas for how to maximize resources.
    Adriana Prata
  • Thank you John for running. Our city needs your common sense to lead. Something the current mayor and most of tue council lack. Thank you John. You’ve been a great leader in our community.
    Jeffrey Shull
  • John is the type of elected official we need more of. Happy to work with people from all walks of life and find common ground.
    Justin Wood
  • I've had the pleasure of working with John at CCAR. He's a great leader and role model.
    John Rose
  • John is the epitome of what is needed in today's government. Do not hesitate with you vote.
    Bob Wold
  • John brings a pragmatism that is missing in government.
    Rafik Fouad
  • John is an amazing leader in his work and in his community. He listens to people's concerns and is proactive in finding resolution for all involved. He is one of the best!
    Erin Jaurigui
  • Best person for the job. Means a lot to see all the endorsements from our elected officials.
    Janet Landesberg
  • It would be my pleasure to endorse John Blom for Vancouver City Council! He will bring great knowledge and leadership to keep Vancouver Great Again!
    Kym Weldon
  • John has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be an outstanding member of the Vancouver City Council. One of his strengths is working effectively with other elected officials to advance the public interest.
    Phil Landesberg
  • I would trust John to be a responsible city councilman.
    Bill Love
  • John Blom is an experienced public servant with a clear vision of where he wants the city of Vancouver to go in the next decade. Many residents share his vision because it focuses on keeping our city a beautiful, safe and enjoyable place to live.
    Jo Ann Johnston
  • Our community needs John on City Council.
    Paul Christensen
  • John is integrity over politics.
    Tonya Rulli
  • John is the kind of person who is passionate about making a difference and truly an integrity-based person. He is a great voice for the people and definitely someone I would want representing us on City Council!
    Amy Asivido Christman
  • John brings a sophistication to the Vancouver City Council that is important and timely
    Steve Horenstein
  • John is well qualified to serve on Vancouver City Council. He will make a positive difference in the community through leadership and true public service.
    Jodie Sharp
  • John has outstanding leadership skills and has my full endorsement.
    Chad Sessions
  • John has shown great leadership in all areas of government. He really knows the relationship between the city and county
    Marc Boldt

Individual Endorsements

  • Marlene Adams
  • Christina Allen
  • Heather Anderson
  • Albert Angelo III
  • Amy Asivido Christman
  • Stanton Berkey
  • Michelle Black
  • Deborah Blom
  • Marc Boldt (Former Clark County Council Chair)
  • Sharif Burdzik
  • Jack Burkman (Port of Vancouver Commissioner)
  • Sherry Burkman
  • Jeanne Caswell
  • Paul Christensen
  • Dale Chumbley
  • Ilana Cour
  • Rian Davis
  • Kimberly Decker
  • Matt Edmonds
  • Lindsay Fisher
  • P.J. Fisher
  • Rafik Fouad
  • Sheila Gannon
  • Shane and Heidi Gardner
  • Michael and Cheryl Giddings
  • Patrick Ginn
  • Linda Glover (Vancouver City Council)
  • Jonathan Gonzalez
  • Stacey Graham
  • Chuck Green (Clark County Commission on Aging, Clark County Charter Review Commission)
  • Sidney Green
  • Willow Hajicek
  • Janice Hall
  • Lanie Hampton
  • Philip & Janell harder
  • Paul Harris (17th LD State Representative)
  • David Heath
  • Nan Henriksen
  • Cyndi Holloway
  • Nelson Holmberg
  • Steve Horenstein
  • Jason Hyde
  • Janet Jacobs
  • Heidi James
  • Erin Jaurigui
  • Stacie Jesser
  • Jo Ann Johnston
  • Pat Jollota (community activist, historian)
  • Charlie Kleier
  • Keith Koplan
  • Dianna Kretzschmar
  • Mike Kretzschmar
  • Andrew and Yen Lam
  • Janet Landesberg
  • Phil Landesberg
  • Jessica LaPierre
  • Tim Leavitt (Former Vancouver Mayor)
  • Marjorie Ledell (City of Vancouver Planning Commissioner)
  • Temple Lentz (County Councilor)
  • Ramona Locken
  • Bill Love
  • Jim Luce
  • Liz Luce
  • Michael Lynch
  • Cecilia Mains
  • Eileen Mains
  • Larry Mains
  • Michael McCann
  • Linda McClellan
  • Jennifer McDaniel
  • Kathy McDonald
  • Anne McEnerny-Ogle (Mayor of Vancouver)
  • Kelly McKone
  • Steve McKone
  • Eric Merrill
  • Ginger Metcalf
  • Christy Monks
  • Betty Sue Morris (Former County Commissioner)
  • Rachel Myers
  • Jessica Newhouse
  • David and Patricia Nierenberg
  • Ashlee Nugent
  • LeeAnn O'Neil-Ocampo
  • Julie Olson (County Councilor)
  • Mary Pesacreta
  • Kelsey Potter
  • Adriana Prata
  • Craig Pridemore (Former Clark County Commissioner)
  • Linda Rasmussen
  • John Rose
  • Adam Roselli
  • Tonya Rulli
  • Deanna Rusch
  • Pamela Saunders
  • Eric Sawyer
  • Rhona Sen Hoss
  • Chad Sessions
  • Jodie Sharp
  • TJ and Jen Shefner
  • Jeffrey Shull
  • Larry Smith (Former City of Vancouver Council Member)
  • Bob Stevens
  • Brian and Ciara Stone
  • Elson Strahan
  • Allen Straub
  • Page Strickler
  • Chris Taylor
  • Tyneil Thompson
  • Eric Toews
  • Tim Turnbull
  • Mike Walker
  • John Wambach
  • Greg and Jae Weber
  • Kym Weldon
  • Jennifer Wilkerson
  • John Williams
  • Turner and Kristen Wise
  • Bob Wold
  • Terry Wollam
  • Michele Wollert
  • Justin Wood
  • Katie Wright
  • Mike Wright

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